Mindelo, São Vicente, Cabo Verde

Cape Verde, known by some as the “Marlin Capital of the World”.

THE place to find both great numbers and record sized fish.

Our operations are run from Mindelo, São Vincente Island (Sport Fishing Club Mindelo) but we try to follow the bite as much as possible depending on client approval which can sometimes means heading to other islands in Cape Verde (ex: Santo Antão and São Nicolau).

Hebe our 43 custom G & S and it’s professional crew are ready to provide exceptional performance for anglers of all levels.

If you come and fish with us we guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

The climate in São Vicente is very mild and tropical dry, the average annual temperature in Mindelo is 23.2 °C (73.8 °F). The island is very arid with only 80 to 130 mm (3.15–5.12 inches) falling annually, somewhat higher only near the tops of the few mountains. These rare climate conditions are due to its position far off the west African coast and because Cape Verde Islands are in the middle of cold Canary Currents. The ocean water temperature is between 22 °C (72 °F) and 25 °C (77 °F). There are two seasons: December through July is mainly dry, cool and windy, while August through November is a wetter and warmer season.

International airports:

-Cesária Évora, São Vicente Island;

-Amilcar Cabral, Sal Island;

-Nelson Mandela, Praia, Santiago Island;

-Aristides Pereira, Boa Vista Island.

Visa is acquired on arrival at the airport (for 25€) or at the nearest to you Cape Verdean embassy.

The currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo but Euro’s are also accepted in most places. US dollars can be changed by local currency in some banks.

The oficial language in Cape Verde is Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole is used colloquially and is the mother tongue of virtually all Cape Verdeans. English and/or French is also spoken by some.