Port-Gentil, Gabon

The place to come to if what you are looking for is a large spectrum of fishing. From Billfish (Marlin and sails) to Tarpon fishing and estuary fishing.

We run the Deceiver our 41 foot custom G & S boat for chasing Billfish and we have other high quality units for estuary fishing and game fishing.

The climate in Gabon is equatorial, meaning it has high temperatures and humidity all year round. Small dry season goes from December to January, followed by long rainy season February to April, May to September is the long dry season and October to November the small rainy season. Seasons may vary slightly.

International Airports:

-Leon M’ba International Airport, Libreville

-Port-Gentil International Airport, Port-Gentil

Visa to Gabon can be done online (evisa.dgdi.ga) or at a Gabonese Embassy.

The currency in Gabon is the Central African CFA franc (XAF).

The official language in Gabon is French.